Manuka Honey Koalas


Manuka Koala


Chocolate is the classic flavour for a dark, smooth and seductive compliment to your Manuka bear. Add to it the wonderful antioxidant benefits of eating chocolate – how could you go past?


Mya Koala

Lemon Myrtle & Lime

Lemon myrtle is a native Australian tree which has leaves that are aromatic and full of natural essential oils. It imparts a citrus oil flavour stronger than lemon grass or even lemon zest itself! Tastes great and is also used medicinally by the Aborigines. Lemon myrtle and lime a perfect Aussie combo!


Walt Koala

Roasted Wattleseed & Coffee

Wattleseeds, are the seeds from any of the 120 native wattles that grow in Australia. Wattleseeds have a naturally chocolate, hazelnut and coffee flavour profile. Pair it with the real aromas of espresso coffee – mmm, you won’t be able to resist!