Manuka Koala has blossomed from a love of both Australia’s amazing produce and the enjoyment of sharing it with friends and family both at home and abroad.
We love Australian honey and want to include its unique flavours into a new range of classic snacks and handmade treats.
Our aromatic Tasmanian honeyskin mooncakes has been a crowd pleasing favourite since 2016 and we are pleased to launch our new look with a beautiful and modern feel this year.
We are proud to be able to share the love and care we take to handcraft each mooncake, with you and your family.
Enjoy your Mid Autumn Festival!

The Story of the Mooncake

Mum and Dad would tell us the story of Chang E and the Rabbit every year when they made Mid- Autumn Festival offerings to the full moon. We, the little children, would stare at the moon looking for the outlines of the beautiful goddess and the rabbit who lived on the moon, during the often, cold and wet beginning of Spring in Melbourne, Australia!

I am a little sad that we don’t carry on the tradition of making offerings to the goddess with our kids however, I can still share the story and of course, the mooncakes.

“It is said that in ancient times, ten suns existed and the extreme heat made people’s lives very difficult. It was the hero Hou Yi, who, owing to his great strength, shot down nine of the ten suns. On hearing of this amazing feat and the hero who performed it, people came from far and wide to learn from him. Peng Meng was among these people. Later, Hou Yi married a beautiful and kind-hearted woman named Chang E and lived a happy life.

One day, Hou Yi came upon Wangmu (the queen of heaven) on the way to meet his old friend. Wangmu presented him an elixir which, if took, would cause him to ascend immediately to heaven and become a god/goddess. Instead of drinking the potion himself, Hou Yi took it home and presented it to Chang E to keep. Unfortunately, Peng Meng secretly saw Hou Yi give the potion to his wife and three days later, while Hou Yi was out hunting, Peng Meng rushed into the backyard and demanded that Chang E hand over the elixir. Knowing that she could not win, she took out the elixir and swallowed it immediately. The moment she drank it, she flew out of the window and up into the sky. Chang E’s great love for her husband drew her towards the Moon, which is the nearest place to the earth on the heaven.

On realizing what happened to his wife, Hou Yi was so grieved that he shouted Chang E’s name to the sky. He was amazed to see a figure which looked just like his wife appeared in the Moon. He took the food liked by Chang E to an altar and offered it as a sacrifice for her. After hearing that Chang E became a goddess, folk people also offered sacrifices to Chang E to pray for peace and good luck. Since then, the custom of sacrificing to the moon has been spread among the folklore.

Jade Rabbit

The story goes about that three immortals reincarnated themselves into three poor old people and begged food from a fox, a monkey and a rabbit. The fox and monkey both gave food to the immortals. However, the rabbit did not have any food. It then said to the immortals: “you can eat me” and jumped into the fire. The immortals were so moved by the rabbit and sent it to the moon to become an immortal jade rabbit. Ever since, the jade rabbit stayed in the Moon Palace to accompany Chang E and pounded immortal medicine for those living in the heaven.”